Festival Launch

Today marks the official start to the Festival of the Neighbourhood! It's been an absolutely crazy three weeks, but the Points of Welcome look fantastic! Thanks to our friends at RARA for pushing through!

We'll uploaded photos of the completed structures over the weekend, but for now, more construction documentation from the install!


More progress at the RARA workshop in Clapton. First of the Festival of the Neighbourhood Points of Welcome have been clad. We've also found a project mascot!

Meanwhile...in Clapton

With 11 days to go til the big launch at Southbank, Scout is hard at work with RARA at their workshop in Clapton. The Points of Welcome are looking very yellow, as materials arrive from across the city.

Full scale mock-ups have arrived!

Some pics of the full scale mock-up for the Point of Welcome - again, courtesy of our friends at RARA. Half of the surfaces will be clad in 'neighbourly' materials...Any guesses?