Southbank Centre : Festival of the Neighbourhood : 2013

Over the summer of 2013 Southbank Centre hosted the Festival of the Neighbourhood, a summer-long celebration exploring the neighbourhoods we all live in. Scout is thrilled to have created a series of 'Points of Welcome' 9 wayfinding stations that are located throughout the Southbank Centre each using a material you would find near all of our homes.

Bricks, fences and For Sale signs are on our street and yours, they are the neighbourhood materials between the street and all our front doors'.  Our project not only told you what was going on at the Festival of Neighbourhood and provided a handy spot to meet people but also to brought a bit of home to the Southbank. 

We wanted people to sit on them, draw on them, ring them – and make themselves at home.

Made in RARA the structures are now in the process of being transformed into feasting furniture for the Hackney Harvest street feast on the newly pedestrianised Narrow Way.

A short video with Emma talking about our approach to the project and the points in action.