The Print House
  • The Print House

    The Print House is a working risograph production studio brought to you by a collection of some of the people based at the iconic Bok building in South Philadelphia.

    This project seeks to capture Bok - a space of production, making, and curiosity for many. A historic public vocational school closed in 2013, the building today houses over 200 artists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. The diversity of use within its walls sets Bok apart as a place where anything can happen. The building is also a productive space -- unprecious, hardworking and functional. Therefore it was important that The Print House was not only quirky and curious like Bok, but also a space for making and working.

    This project seeks to reflect that spirit of making and collaboration while also responding to the collective trauma we all continue to endure. The past 15 months have been filled with disappointments, fear, frustration, anger, and injustice and we all require an even greater need for hope as we move forward. With that in mind we created this piece with the hope of a healed and brighter future.


    The riso prints created by the Print House offer messages of encouragement. One print features a quote by poet Amanda Gorman from "The Hill We Climb" (2021). The other four prints offer a message in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or Cambodian - a reflection of the diversity and voices within our community here in South Philadelphia.

    • 2021 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

      FDR Park - Philadelphia, PA