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Films on Fridges

A vacant site directly opposite the 2012 Olympic Stadium in London was transformed by Scout into an action-packed, fully-booked cinema, all composed of a 20-foot-high pile of discarded fridges. Attracting nearly 1,500 cinema goers over a three-week period, the sold-out project was featured in FT Weekend Edition, TimeOut London, Vogue UK, GOOD Magazine and The Guardian.


Taking its cue from an iconic 'Fridge Mountain' that used to sit on the site of Zaha Hadid's Aquatics Centre prior to winning the Olympic bid, the project was primarily constructed out of 2 tons of fridge doors. By resurrecting this symbol of the area's industrial past and placing it against the backdrop of the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games, Scout layered the past, present and future of the site in a playful and engaging way.


London, UK



20-foot-high pile of discarded fridges



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