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We are developers and designers delivering engaging projects in underutilized spaces.

We think about creative and engaging ways of inhabiting space.

Scout is a development and design practice reimagining how once neglected places can be transformed into vibrant and unexpected spaces. With a diverse mix of expertise - from design and planning to project management and community engagement - we bring a thoughtful pragmatism to our work.


Philadelphia, PA

Bok is an adaptive reuse project repurposing a 340,000 sqft historic school into space for makers, nonprofits, small businesses, and artists.Today the building is home to over 200 businesses and attracts over 100,000 visitors annually.

50 Sims

Providence, RI

50 Sims repurposes a former manufacturing site to provide more permanent and affordable artist space for makers and small businesses.


Southbank Centre

London, UK

Southbank Centre hosted the Festival of the Neighbourhood, a summer-long celebration exploring the communities we all live in. Scout created nine wayfinding stations that were located throughout the centre and inspired by materials you find in your neighbourhood.

Films on Fridges

London, UK

Films on Fridges took over a vacant site in 2011 directly opposite the 2012 Olympic Stadium and transformed it into a temporary cinema.

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